Re: Unicode Conferece Papers on the WEB?

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 17:22:05 EDT

I have suggest several time to ask the webmaster to link the page to my page in
the past (for IUC 10 and 11). No one do that for me.

Here is my IUC 13 paper. Abstract unicode13abstract.htm+ paper- Index of

I would like to suggest we
1. have one email address to accept ALREADY on the net papers with one URL. And
simply link it from the previous program page.
2. It could be in ANY format you want. HTML, RDF, .doc. That is how people build
web page- find existing resource and link them together.
3. In the future, we suggest author to send us paper with a URL and the date it
will be activated. Make it as an OPTIONAL information.
4. Suggest speaker to put the same URL in the 1st (or last ) page of the printed
material. So people could easily link them by looking the precedding.

Lisa Moore <>

> Yes, it is a good suggestion to make Unicode conference papers and proceedings
> available on the web. The reason it hasn't happened here-to-fore is due to the
> workload of the volunteers who participate on the review board.
Don't ask these volunteers do anything. The one need to spend time is the speaker
(but make this optional), and one WebMaster.

> The papers are
> submitted in many formats, so it would be a bit of an undertaking to have
> things available in a consistent manner. But we can take a look at it again.
I don't think consistency is really a important factor. If you really want
consistency, I think the minimum requirement is they have to be accessed from
TCP/IP network and could be point by an URL.

> We will discuss it among the board members and the conference organizer and see
> what we can do. We have also had the suggestion to select a subset of
> presentations and concentrate on publishing them on the web. Of course, it is
> quite gratifying to know that the proceedings are sought after!

Why you need yet another SELECTION process ? You already do SELECTION by review
the abstract and papers. As long as WebMaster have ENOUGH information (URL), then
the work for them to put them in the page should be straight forward. The biggest
problem will be the URL arrived in different time, so the WebMaster have to
change the page again, again, and again, as long as the URL get submitted. But I
think you can solve this by doing this one time in the date you print the paper.
and again later the day after the conference for some speaker put their page on
the web in the last minutes.

Ken Lunde wrote:

> My papers for IUC13 are at the following URLs:
> -- Ken

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