From: Werner LEMBERG (sx0005@sx2.hrz.uni-dortmund.de)
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 10:12:59 EDT

I've found a bug in the UNIHAN.TXT (version 1.1, dated 23 September
1996) database (sorry if this is the wrong mailing list for such
reports, but no relevant email addresses are given in the file).

The character U+6B54 has a kCCCII field with value `000000', which is

Please tell me the correct value (if any).

BTW, is 1.1 really the newest version available? Is it possible that
since almost two years no bugs have been found resp. corrected?

Additionally I suggest to store the file in a compressed format too to
reduce the bandwidth while accessing ftp.unicode.org.


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