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From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand (
Date: Sat Aug 22 1998 - 08:36:56 EDT

Thanks for the repost, Ned.

Roman or someone else, could you please *fill out the form provided
in RFC 2278* for the "SCSU" charset, and post it on ietf-types?

I find it really difficult to evaluate a proposed registration without
seeing the actual, formal registration that is being proposed; just
"asking that it be registered" tends to hide important details like:

- What name or names is suggested?
- What published specification is referenced?
- What's the point of contact?
- Can it be used as a text/* character set?

I found the text about whether or not to register something:

3.5. Usage and Implementation Requirements

   Use of a large number of charsets in a given protocol may hamper
   interoperability. However, the use of a large number of undocumented
   and/or unlabelled charsets hampers interoperability even more.

   A charset should therefore be registered ONLY if it adds significant
   functionality that is valuable to a large community, OR if it
   documents existing practice in a large community. Note that charsets
   registered for the second reason should be explicitly marked as being
   of limited or specialized use and should only be used in Internet
   messages with prior bilateral agreement.

In this case, the UNICODE community thinks (?) that there will be
"existing practice".......this should be reflected in the registration.

                     Harald A

                     Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway

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