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Date: Mon Aug 24 1998 - 15:57:17 EDT

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It does not matter because the characters are just duplicates.
For e.g. in the case of 0x879c --> Ux222a --> 0x81be, 0x879c, Ux222a and
0x879c represent the same character. 0x879c and 0x81be are just duplicates.

Hope that helps.

>I would appreciate if someone could if possible, offer any background
information or workarounds to the following.
>According to Microsoft KnowledgeBase article Q170559, there are 398
characters that do inaccurate round trip mapping, between SJIS and Unicode.
Some of the examples are as follows:
>Code page 932
>0x879c --> Ux222a --> 0x81be
>0xed40 --> Ux7e8a --> 0xfa5c
>0xed41 --> Ux819c --> 0xfa5d
>According to that article, these are duplicates that do not round trip map
and were added for NEC needs.
>Does anyone have any background info? Is the only solution to create a
table in the code, which would have a bad performance hit? If these are
duplicates, then does it matter that they do not round trip map?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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