Re: Is there a UTF that allows ISO 8859-1 (latin-1)?

From: John Cowan (
Date: Tue Aug 25 1998 - 13:13:38 EDT

Gunther Schadow scripsit:

> But I ask you to think why an
> Anglo-Americanocentric UTF is good while a UTF for all scripts based
> on Latin is so bad and politically incorrect to call for (BTW:
> wouldn't vietnamese be supported by ISO Latin-1 as well?).

No, indeed, and for the same reason that Latin-1 doesn't support
Lithuanian, Polish, Croatian, Maltese, Esperanto, or Hausa (all languages
written with the Latin script): it lacks the letters that those languages

Note that not even English is well supported by ASCII alone,
as evidenced by 'na\"ive' and 'co\"operate'.

John Cowan
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.

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