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Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 03:50:28 EDT

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> There are basically two glyphs: {Swithcedilla} and {Swithcommabelow}. You
> can expect to find either glyph for rendering the character
> U+015E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S WITH CEDILLA. You should expect to find
> only {Swithcommabelow} for
> rendering the character U+0218 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S WITH COMMA BELOW.
> I hope this helps.

It does partly clarify things. My next question then is which glyph would be
better to use for U+015E? My fonts that I am trying to create UCS mappings
for (forms of Helvetica, Times and Courier) have both Scedilla and
Scommaaccent - the Adobe Glyph List states that U+015E is Scommaaccent, so I
suppose I go with that. That will mean though that there is no way of getting
the Scedilla glyph out except by using the Adobe's user-defined code U+F6C1.

I'd appreciate the input of anyone from Romania or Turkey, which are the
two countries that actully use this character, according to
ISO/IEC 6937:1994.

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