cp1252 sanity check

From: Tex Texin (texin@progress.com)
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 19:49:54 EDT

A while back there were some emails that noted that Microsoft's code page
1252 had Capital Letter Z with Caron added at location 0x8E and the Small
letter at 0x8F.

However, if I look at the the unicode conversion table cp1252.txt
in the Unicode ftp site public/mappings/vendors/microsoft/windows, the
characters are mapped to 0x8e and 0x9e. This actually makes a little more
sense as the upper and lower cases of other characters have the same
separation, but contradicts the mail messages here.

Can anyone confidently answer which location is correct for the small Z
with caron?

Which products have this updated 1252? Do I need a service pack or win
98, so I can confirm for myslef which is right?


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