Re: Unicode Character Database updated

From: Dean Abramson (
Date: Mon Sep 07 1998 - 04:40:51 EDT

For those of you who recently downloaded our latest release of UniAPI
from our website, please rest assured that it already contains the
latest corrections in the Unicode Character Database (specifically
to the mirrored character properties for twelve characters in the
range FA0E-FA29).

For those who haven't downloaded it yet, now would be a good time:


P.S. It was UniAPI that allerted us to the errata in the database!

> If you have been making use of local copies of the
> Unicode Character Database please note that the official
> version of the character database has been updated on
> the website:
> is now updated to version 2.1.5 of the data. See also:
> for the most recent version of the explanatory readme file,
> including information about the particular fixes since
> the last release of the database.
> The 2.1.5 version of the Unicode Character Database incorporates
> all changes approved at the Unicode Technical Committee
> meeting held at the end of July, 1998.

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