RE: Gaelic Support in Windows NT

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 13:21:23 EDT

Ar 06:28 -0700 1998-09-10, scríobh
>The English (Ireland) locale ships right out of the NT BOX and has character
>and keyboard support for Irish extended characters.

I don't know what the specification is for these, but so far as I know
Microsoft did not consult NSAI (the National Standards Authority of
Ireland) when developing whatever it is that they ship. I don't know which
extended characters these are intended to be.

>There are also some pretty cool freeware/shareware Gaelic Irish Font's
>on the Net.

In my view, and it is true that I actually make and sell Gaelic fonts, most
of the "pretty cool" freeware/shareware Gaelic fonts are of rather low
quality, and (worse) do not follow either the Apple Mac standard for coding
such fonts, or ISO/IEC 8859-14, which two code tables are the ones
recommended for Gaelic-script text processing.

Unfortunately, because they are free, one tends to see them being used in
publications in Ireland, which is not to the better.

Should Microsoft take an interest in supporting Irish they could do worse
than to contact me about it.

Best regards,

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Teicneolaíocht Tacar Carachtar (Character Set Technology)

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