Re: Cultural registry as international standard

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 02:06:21 EDT

At 12:16 17/09/98 -0700, Sandra Martin O'Donnell wrote:
> Jony Rosenne writes:
> I object to the strange pseudo names attached to the Hebrew characters and
> some other characters, for example in item 115 "ISO-8859-8 ISO-IR-138
> ISO_8859-8:1988 ISO_8859-8 HEBREW".
>The types of symbolic names are common across the charmaps;
>they are not unique to the Hebrew charmap. I object to them,
>too, as I have since 1994 (1993?) when I first saw them.
>They are difficult to understand.
> The ISO names, possibly in abbreviated form, should be used.

>Although I still would like the names to be human-readable,
>I'm losing hope that we can agree on what those names would be --
>although the Unicode/ISO 10646 descriptive names would be obvious
>candidates. That may be what you mean, Jony, when you suggest
>using "the ISO names."

For example, I think <vav> or <hb-vav> or <he-vav> should be used rather
than <W+>.


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