Re: Cultural registry as... AND what OS supports Unicode

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 13:12:38 EDT

Paul Keinanen made some nice suggestions & observations about the files at
DKUUG... I hope he'll forward them to someone who could do something about
the situation, which of course is not in the hands of the Unicode Consortium.

On to other matters... Paul also wrote:

> While Windows NT and Plan-9 seems to be the only operating systems that
> officially support Unicode and can be used in native applications

Ahem. NeXT Software Inc, a small Redwood City, California company which is
now a minor part of Apple Computer, Inc of Cupertino California
(, has been shipping an operating system for several years that
"officially" supports Unicode quite nicely. I gave a paper on that OS at a
previous Unicode conference, making extensive comments on the design of the
text system.

"Mac OS X Server", the current living descendent of the not-dead-yet NeXT
legacy, officially supports Unicode. I gave a paper on this OS (codenamed
Rhapsody) at the recent 12th Unicode conference.

> some web browsers, especially Netscape has supported UTF-8

Omni Development Inc, of Seattle, Washington ( also ships
a browser that supports UTF-8 and a bunch of other codesets. It has some
WONDERFUL features, like the ability to turn off those incredibly annoying
animated GIF files.


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