Re: Cultural registry as international standard

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 10:05:52 EDT

About the mnemonics: Yes, sometimes they are a little cryptic, and
sometimes they are quite easy. There was an example of its use
in Faroese day names, where they were quite helpful to see the
understanding, and I will maintain that also even for Greek
and Cyrillic and Arabic day names they really are a help,
at least I suddenly understood what was going on when
I saw an Arabic month name spelled something like O+C+T+O+B+E+R+

Using UCS hex instead would not add to readability, IMHO.
I think it woyld be nice to do also the UCS code and the long
name, for example in the sorting specs, so that is what I have for
some specs.

The mnemonic notation comes out of the POSIX-2 standard
and intenet RFCs and has been in use for several years now
by the industry. They are also used in the X/Open registry,
and X/Open once investigated the problem and found that the
mnemonics were a sensible solution. I do not say that other
solutions could not be sensible, too.

I know for sure that Linux and GNU C are using the locales and
charmaps, and other industry sources have indicated the same.


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