Re: Unicode "fixed" 6x13 font for X11

From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 14:40:40 EDT

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, John Cowan wrote:

> Markus Kuhn wrote:
> > I will need some assistance to get this font filled up to at least
> > WGL4 or MES, especially with the Cyrillic and Greek glyphs.
> > The resulting font will be in the public domain and will hopefully
> > find its way into the usual X11 distributions.
> Greek and Cyrillic are often found inside East Asian fonts, as
> most E.A. national standards include at least partial renderings
> of these scripts.

  However, those glyphs are not usable for 6x13 fixed fonts as they're
found in CJK fonts. Glyphs in most CJK fixed font are twice as wide as
corresponding ISO-8859-1 with the same height. That is, 13point
CJK fixed fonts are 12 points wide. So, CJK fonts should not be
the first source for Cyrillic and Greek but the last resort.

   Jungshik Shin

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