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From: Julia Oesterle (Unicode) (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 16:21:18 EDT

Dear Unicode Folks -- especially font makers,
Any font help for this profoundly frustrated academic writer?

Julia O

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> Subject: More Information on UNICODE and Word97
> I have been working for years on a critical edition of some Akkadian
> religious texts. I have the entire document in Word97 (about 450 pages).
> To render the transliterated Akkadian I have bough a font from Linguist
> Software called Semitic Transliterator, which emulates the Times New
> Roman on Windows95. Since this font does not have accents, in order to
> render many Akkadian words I have to slip back and forth between Times
> New Roman and Semitic transliterator several times. The output on a 1200
> dpi printer is jagged. I had hoped to do camera ready copy, but the
> publisher is unimpressed. Linguist software says their font does not
> perfectly emulate Times New Roman. I am so frustrated. Also ideally some
> Akkadian logograpms should be in small caps but the Transliterated
> Semitic does not have small caps. Search and replace does not work well
> with this hodge podge of fonts. I am curious about whether UNICODE would
> help me. It seems that UNICODE would allow me to type all of my letters
> (basically transliterated Arabic) and stay within one font. Is there a
> UNICODE Times New Roman font? What impact would this change have on my
> Word97? I already spent an entire summer transferring my files from
> Notabene to Word97 and playing with font conversions; I can't play this
> game for ever. Would files generated in UNICODE be able to be shared
> with my publisher and be able to be used by standard Desk Top Publishing
> programs? Will they work with the HP Laserjet4000 series? Could I easily
> do search and replace to tranfer my presnt files to UNICODE? I really
> appreciate your guidance. I have spent half my professional life trying
> to get ASCII to dance on a pin head.
> Michael Dick
> Siena College
> Loudonville, NY 12211

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