Re: Latin g with cedilla above

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Oct 01 1998 - 14:56:44 EDT

Ar 10:09 -0700 1998-10-01, scríobh John Cowan:
>Donald Page wrote:
>> Hi, ISO8859-4 defines character 0xBB to be Latin small letter g with
>> cedilla above. This character does not appear, to me, to be in Unicode
>> anywhere. The nearest I can find is Latin small letter g with cedilla
>> (below) at 0x123.
>That is the normative mapping. The Unicode Standard says that
>U+0123 LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH CEDILLA is Latvian and Lappish
>(Saami, presumably), and that there are three glyph variants, but
>doesn't say what they are.

The only one the Latvians want to see is the one with the turned comma
above. The other glyph variants (caron and acute if memory serves) are seen
by Latvians as errors.

As is the note in the Unicode Standard. And the normative mapping should be
to COMBINING COMMA BELOW. Never mind the bloody name.


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