Re: Terminal Graphics Proposal

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Oct 01 1998 - 16:49:06 EDT

> Still, if I were a font maker working from the Unicode book, I'd
> probably copy the pictures in it, so again, I'd suggest the next edition
> show the characters diagonally within the cell, and the accompanying text
> (which if I can overlook, so can a font maker :-)

Yes, yes, but... People should read, Grasshopper. It is that for which we write.

People who do not "R.T.F.M." waste everyone else's time asking questions
that are answered in "T.F.M." The Internet is absolutely RAMPANT with that
behavior and it always has been. (Well, society itself, for that matter, is
full of such behavior, so I shouldn't knock the net...)

It would be a poor, poor font designer indeed who, having NOT Read The
Formidable Manual, tried to implement a font for the control pictures. I
would not pity such a person, only the victims of the resulting "font".

> I wonder how one proceeds from such elusive sources to create a definitive
> picture of each character, and then to translate this into the style of a
> particular font. Oh well, not my problem :-)

Actually, Grasshopper... it *is* your problem. Nobody else is going to do
this for you. I suggest you gird your loins and heave to. This is a chance
for you to make a useful and lasting contribution to History.


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