Re: Terminal Graphics Proposal

From: Paul Keinanen (
Date: Fri Oct 02 1998 - 01:36:40 EDT

At 12:32 1.10.1998 -0700, Frank da Cruz wrote:

>> If all octet values (00 .. FF) are also going to be displayed, there might
>> be some ambiguity with some of the two letter codes, e.g. FF, D1, D2, D3,
>> D4, EB and EC, which should be noted in the actual font design.
>Good point. One path to disambiguation would be to show hex digits A-F in
>lower case. Sounds OK?

I weas also thinking about that, but since the characters are really small
to begin with, trying to make them lower case on a low resolution matrix
would make them even harder to read.

>> >Notes:
>> > (1) The reverse question is essential in VT terminal emulation...
>> Even ISO-Latin1 contains the reverse question mark at 0xBF, so it is no
>> need to re-invent it.
>But that one is upside down. The one I'm talking about is upright but
>flipped on its vertical axis.

Sorry about that, I did not read your text thoroughly enough.

In all those DEC and other systems I have used, the inverted question mark
(nmot the reverse question mark) has been used for (parity etc.) error
indication. I assumed, incorrectly, that you were refering to this usage.


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