Need any more Khmer input from me?

From: Maurice Bauhahn (
Date: Fri Oct 02 1998 - 06:16:03 EDT

2 October 1998

Hello Michael,

It was a delight to meet you at the SC/WG2 meetings last month. Thank
you VERY MUCH for all you have done to facilitate the Khmer

I've sent copies of the Khmer Database list (requested by Ken Whistler)
and the Khmer Intro article to Judith Jacob and David Smyth of the
London School of Oriental and African Studies as a check on my own

Is there any additional detail which you would like to me write up for
the latter? Unfortunately I have no Macintosh at the makes
it difficult to write up documents with Khmer glyphs. I donated my old
Mac to a good cause as it would cost as much to ship it as the thing was
worth (an old Mac II). I have resolved that all my future work in Khmer
will be in Unicode so none of that old hardware is any good in any case.
When the wolf is away from my door and the windows of heaven open...I
plan to buy a G3 Mac which will support MacOS X (the only hope of
Unicode support on Macs). Sorry about the demise of your PowerBook's
screen...I can feel for you in that (been there, done that).



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