Re: Language tags (as if there weren't enough to do)

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Oct 02 1998 - 16:00:55 EDT

Michael Everson wrote:

> Aha. Then the language tags (which would not be language tags but could be
> any metacharacter) would be just exactly like them.

The general format of a tag is an introducer, XXX TAG, plus any
number of ASCII-clone characters from TAG SPACE through TAG TILDE.
The first non-tag character ends the tag.

The original proposal allowed for SOURCE CHARSET TAG and GENERIC TAG
as well, but they were dropped for lack of demand. (I further proposed
a split between *public* generic tags, assigned from the reversed
DNS space like Java packages, and *private* generic tags, which could be
anything at all.) In any event, the Tag block still has 31 codepoints
usable for future introducers.

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