Re: Public domain Greek text in Unicode

From: Herman Ranes (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1998 - 07:04:30 EDT

The use of U+1FC5 seemingly is erroneus; U+1FC6 'GREEK SMALL
LETTER ETA WITH PERISPOMENI' should have been used.

In the TTF font file "TITUS Unicode", which I received after a
personal request to Jost Gippert <> some
months ago, has the glyph in question encoded at U+1FC5.


Den 1 Oct 98, klokka 17:28 skreiv Rick McGowan i «Re: Public domain
Greek text in Unicode»:

> Some days ago on the Unicode list there was an exchange about Greek
> encoded in Unicode. Herman Ranes during that exchange sent a pointer
> I notice in that text, on the 13th line of the Greek source text itself, the
> character U+1fc5 occurs. This is not an encoded position in Unicode
> Is it an error in the text? Or is it a usage of something for which a blank
> spot was left in the encoding?

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