Re: Terminal Graphics Draft 2

From: Geoffrey Waigh (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 01:18:45 EDT

To interject a small point on the matter of high-fidelity terminal
emulation; the vast majority of emulation users are not going to
quibble over the exact appearance or dimensions of the status area
indicators. When I worked for a company doing terminal emulation,
the customers only wanted it to run their applications correctly
and support a bizarre array of kludges^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hfeatures that
let them improve performance/functionality of their system. Quite
a few terminal features were missing until a new customer needed
it and I was appalled at how divergent some of the character code
to glyph mappings that customers ended up with were. [When I was
migrating the system to Unicode the fonts, character sets and
character -> glyph mappings were cleaned up.]

Also on the matter of debugging 5250/3270 streams our developers
always used an ASCII text representation. There wasn't any desire
that I can recall for fancy debugging fonts from either our
technical staff or our customers. (Then again the customers
usually left terminal protocol analysis to our support group.)

Geoffrey Waigh

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