Re: Terminal Graphics Draft 2

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Fri Oct 09 1998 - 13:45:04 EDT

> > The reason these need to be encoded separately from feminine/masculine
> > ordinals are their size
> Ah, I figured so. In this case, they should just be unified with the
> existing codes.
See my response to Otto Stolz on this. Again, I don't care so much whether
these particular characters are encoded, but they illustrate a point worth
making, namely that unifications that work in the GUI world don't
necessarily work in an environment where we must use a fixed-pitch font.

If a "big" feminine ordinal arrives, I can't just display the regular one
at a bigger point size with a lower baseline, because (a) I might not be
able to (maybe it's a console application), and (b) cells must be fixed

- Frank

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