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From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Sun Oct 11 1998 - 19:26:54 EDT (Kenneth Whistler) wrote:
> > I am trying to get clarification from SNI.
> Unless you can find the person(s) responsible for the assignments in
> the first place, even such clarification may not help. What is some
> poor engineer, 25 years after the fact going to say in response?
Actually, the 97801 dates from 1991. So maybe the engineer is still
alive and sentient.

> The other place to be looking is APL functional symbols. APL used the
> underscore productively for the generation of new symbols. If you've got
> a mathematical set with a large, circular form underscored, it could
Well I'll be darned -- that's it exactly, at least in appearance. So
goodbye to this chracter from the proposal. (And thanks for spotting it --
I don't know how I could have missed it.)

The fate of "large lowercase a with underbar" is also doubtful, unless
someone from SNI or from the Siemens Nixdorf user community provides a
reason to keep it. Principle is one thing, utility is another.

I'll wait a week and see what comes in.

> I suspect we are beating a dead horse here, but one more
> piece of evidence regarding the New Line ~ Next Line can
> be found in the IBM Character Data Representation Architecture
> Reference and Registry (SC09-2190-00, December 1995), p. 262.
> In the EBCDIC to ISO-8 control character mapping table,
> the following line occurs:
> 15 NL New Line 85 NEL Next Line
> Not all "ISO-8" control characters map onto the standard
> EBCDIC set of controls, but for this character, I consider this
> strong evidence that IBM at least equates these two.
I don't doubt that the semantics of NEL and NL can be unified, especially
as their domains are entirely disjoint. My argument was that the glyphs
for NEL and NL control pictures can't be unified if we encode both EBCDIC
and a C1 control-picture sets, at least not without opening the door to
unifying many other C1 and EBCDIC controls with similar (or even identical)
semantics, but even less similar names. Remember, these are the controls
themselves, but names of the controls.

- Frank

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