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Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 - 11:41:56 EDT

"M.T. Carrasco Benitez" wrote on 1998-10-13 13:39 UTC:
> Looking for information on the character sets
> used by "TV teletext" and in particular a
> mapping to Unicode.

I thought, TV teletext character sets were considered to be outside the scope
of Unicode, as their numerous colorful block graphic characters are a very
specialized application, and especially the block graphics characters make
only sense together with color control commands since much of the displayed
information is encoded in the color. However I am sure someone will put
them one day in plane 1 or so.

Which country? There are a number of different teletext and videotext
standards around. One standard is ITU-T Recommendation T.101/T.107
 <http://www/itu/ch/>, another is NAPLPS (CSA T 500-1983).

Code tables can also be found in the Web data sheets of various consumer
electronics semiconductor manufacturers such as Phillips and Siemens, e.g.
    (page 35-36)

Interesting side note: In this teletext code table, you will find at
position 0x156 in WST G2 the mysterious U+20A0 EURO-CURRENCY SIGN.
This might shed some new light on the genesis of this strange character.


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