Re: Burmese vowels

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Oct 16 1998 - 18:59:45 EDT

Arnd wrote:

> I am not sure who wrote what in the discussion below, so
> To whom it may concern...
> >The ui vowels were omitted by specific agreement of the
> >ad hoc group at WG2 that worked on the FPDAM text

...and so forth.

Well, Arnd, Ken Whistler wrote the passage in question. He was at WG2 and
I presume was part of the ad-hoc meeting, as were other people. Were you
there? Do you know who was there?

If you can't answer affirmative to either of THOSE questions, then perhaps
you ought to give those who WERE there or who DO know the delegates the
benefit of the doubt before leaping upon them with accusations of bovine dung
slinging. Calm down a little, eh?

If you believe you are an authority worthy of being heard in this matter,
and if you have suggestions about improvement of the current proposal, why
not write up your suggestions and present them in a civilized manner? Do you
have evidence or testimony to indicate that anyone was "bulldozed over" at a
WG2 ad-hoc meeting? Well, I'm sure the convenor of WG2, Mike Ksar
( would be very interested to hear such accusations.

Anyway, I was NOT there, and I don't have an opinion in the matter, and I
don't know anything about Burmese. But I DID graduate from kindergarten.


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