Greek accentuation marks

From: Constantine Stathopoulos (
Date: Sat Oct 17 1998 - 03:29:40 EDT

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>If you wish to discuss any of this with the intention of proposing changes,
>you should go back to the original standards documents from whence Unicode
>derives, and to ISO 10646, and to ELOT.

Thank you very much for clarifying that. I am not in standardization, so this is the kind of information I was hoping to obtain from the participants of this list.

However, I am not paid to do this and I cannot possibly read tons of not freely available documentation going back to the early '80s. All I can and will do is prepare a paper on Greek and Unicode and submit it to ELOT, the Unicode Consortium and WS-MES. In the meanwhile my company will implement Unicode as we see fit to cover our needs and the needs of our customers.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Constantine Stathopoulos,
Iris Media Internet Solutions.

  Maybe it's possible to clarify the
>situation by adding text to the Unicode standard's Greek block introduction.
>And maybe it's possible to change the glyphs that are printed, if they're
>really incorrect. But to have any effect, there must be a paper that is
>supported by facts and which has some endorsement.
> Rick

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