Re: Who can read UTF-8 in email today?

From: Ienup Sung (
Date: Sat Oct 17 1998 - 16:21:53 EDT

] Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 02:12:30 -0700 (PDT)
] From: Markus Kuhn <>
] Subject: Who can read UTF-8 in email today?
] To: Unicode List <>
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] I'd be very curious about which email software out there is already
] supporting UTF-8 encoded plain-text files and can at least display
] them correctly.

DtMail at Solaris 2.6 can read majority of European scripts in UTF-8
MIME charset and additionlly it supports other European MIME charsets like
ISO-8859-1, -2, ..., -10. This restriction on scripts is only in font, you
can have other code points and system won't reject or alter any of such codes.

DtMail at Solaris 2.7 can read almost all characters in the email you sent
and much more since we added CJK, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew fonts and so on.
It supports MIME charsets like UTF-8, UTF-7, ISO-8859-1 ~ -10, ISO-8859-15,
koi8-r, EUC-KR, eucJP, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-KR, ISO-2022-CN, US-ASCII, ...
Basically it is able to correctly encode/decode almost all major MIME
charset'd emails and show messages correctly. The DtMail has a menu option
that you can select which outgoing message's MIME charset you want to use
instead of automatic default setting supplied one too.

I also placed a couple of screen snapshots that shows Solaris 2.7 dtmail in
American English Unicode locale and also Japanese Unicode locale at: (en_US.UTF-8 dtmail) (ja_JP.UTF-8 dtmail)

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