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Date: Mon Oct 26 1998 - 08:26:53 EST

The file mapping file CP936.TXT (on the Unicode CD) seems to mention GBK,
but there must presumably be some subtle difference between Code Page 936
(which is defined by Microsoft) and GBK (which is defined by the government
of the People's Republic of China). Does anyone know the what these
differences are? Or are Code Page 936 and GBK completely unrelated?

David Batchelor

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Subject: ask for help
Author: <> at symb-internet
Date: 23/10/98 04:24

     Dear Sir/Madam,

     I have found your web site for mapping table carefully. But I couldn't
     find the mapping between GBK and Unicode which is needed urgently for
     software localization. As I know, GBK is a standard in P.R.China which
     includes 20902 hanzi in extended GB-2312 and has the same character
     repertoire as Unicode CJK part. I would be very grateful if you could
     provide me some advice or information on it.

     Thank you very much for your help and your time!


     Beibei Wang

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