Re: Greek accentuation marks

From: Constantine Stathopoulos (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 02:45:09 EST

At 10:38 рм 28/10/1998 -0800, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

>This is not, however, how Unicode decompositions work. Keyboard
>input drivers could choose to work that way, in terms of the spacing
>forms of the diacritics for polytonic Greek, but in a Unicode implementation,

>the preferred form of textual representation would either be as the single
>precomposed character U+1FA8 or as the Unicode decomposition I specified

Thank you very much for your explanation. I apologize for those comments that were not technically accurate, but I am glad that they gave the chance to clear this issue; especially concerning the different approach of Unicode and ELOT.

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