UTF-8 and browsers (here: NS 4.06 for Mac)

From: Trond Trosterud (Trond.Trosterud@hum.uit.no)
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 12:12:05 EST

The new Netscape 4.06 has UTF-8 and UTF-7 encodings as two of their
encoding options. Nowhere in the documentation offered by Netscape or by
the Netscape personel (that I found) is there knowledge about how this
works, in an 8-bit world (quite odd, actually, since these two additional
lines are the only change of that particluar menu of that program). So,
what is this supposed to be?

- A fanfare for the future, when the OS turn 32 bit?

- A way of evoking sets of 8-bit code tables, each representing a small
part of the UCS (such sets exist)

This is not primarily a mail to the Support team of NS, misdirected to this
list, but a report that the use of UCS is not with out its child diseases.
But of course, anyone that knows the answer may feel fre to give it to the
list (and to the support team at NS)

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