Re: Terminal Emulation

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 15:00:06 EST

Michael said:

> A draft of the Terminal Emulation collection with fonts and slightly
> modified names is available at

I have to agree with Ken Whistler's assessment, just posted.

I believe that there is a valuable core repertoire of characters useful (or
required) for terminal emulations; and also a significant amount of research
material embodied in Frank da Cruz's original proposal. Making charts like
this, in a pseudo-offical ISO-like styhle, is pre-mature, to say the least,
and mis-leading as well. No committee of any standards organization has
looked at this proposal; these charts are a purely ad-hoc personal
contribution of Mr. Everson. (Granted, he hasn't claimed they're anything at
atll, but such official-smelling things have a way of coming to life and
gnawing one's head off.)

And I, too, object to the "hex bytes" as something un-necessary and absurd.


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