Re: UTF-8 and browsers

From: Kolbjørn Aambø (
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 05:33:37 EST

Seems like MacOs 8.5 have managers for Unicode text support, see

I have not had time to read it my self so you have to find the details on UTF-8
support. At least there no obvious referece to it in the chapter titles...

Since the MacOs managers now support Unicode it would hopefully be a matter
of time
before one web browser or another support display of UTF-8 also.

>>> The new Netscape 4.06 has UTF-8 and UTF-7 encodings as two of their
>>> encoding options. [...] So, what is this supposed to be?
>>> - A fanfare for the future, when the OS turn 32 bit?
>>> - A way of evoking sets of 8-bit code tables, each representing a small
>>> part of the UCS (such sets exist)
>>You might wish to read Appendix A of the Unicode standard, in which these
>> Rick
>Thank you for the advice, but I already did. Accidentally, (a draft to)
>that Appendix was the very first document I recieved from the Norwegian
>stadardisation body 3 years ago, and I read it thoroughly. I am e.g. able
>to convert UCS to UTF-8 by hand (pencil-and-paper). This skill still is all
>too slow when I try to cope with the UTF-8 option in NS 4.06.
>I have got two answers to my posting, and hunted the NS support team for
>answers, but no one even sees the problem of how to cope wit 16 bits for an
>OS (like mac 7.x and 8.x) that only offers its character sets 8 bits at a
>time. The series of 8-bit blocks make sense to me when seen as a means of
>packing (and unpacking) for transportation, if there is a 32-bit universe
>waiting in the other end. But now there isn´t.
>The answer may be so obvious that no one cares to give it ("yes, it is
>impossible to use utf-8 for 8-bit-systems, it was just put there for future
>use" or vice versa: "yes, there is a way of defining a set of 8-bit-tables
>corresponding to UCS eencoding to the browser"). Please give it anyway.
>Netscape does not know the answer, and so far, this list has not (shown
>that it has) understood the question.
>Any answer will be appreciated.
>I know already that the OS-es themselves are 32 bits. But I also know that
>they only give me 8 bits at a time when it comes to character-glyph sets
>(e.g. my mac 7.x and 8.x, hwere I use the NS 4.06, the exception so far
>being W-NT, but this too is all-too-well kept as a secret, glyphs are not
>provided, etc.) . Thus, only 256 at a time, today I use the UCS in my
>linguistic writing by changing between the different "fonts" (8-bit code
>tables of Everson Mono, each corresponding to a block in the BMP). Can NS
>4.06 match that, do they have other means, or what?
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