Re: Terminal Emulation - proposal needed by 11/16 at latest

From: Joan Aliprand (
Date: Fri Oct 30 1998 - 13:11:21 EST

Apologies to those who saw this on a different list yesterday.

Please note the corrected date when the proposal needs to be in
final shape.

Frank da Cruz <> wrote:


>Somebody mentioned when this first came up something about
>getting it in before (was it?) November 2nd, in time for some (ISO?)
>committee meeting? I can't find the reference now.
>Should I rush to get this off, or can it wait a few days or weeks without
>passing a cusp that will delay action for an extra year? If it can wait
>a bit, I have the creators of some of the questionable glyphs promising
>to send clarifications "soon" -- and I admit I'm curious.

The Unicode Technical Committee will be meeting jointly with NCITS/L2 on
December 1-3 (followed by the L2 Plenary of December 4).

The "November 2" date may have been so that your proposal could be
distributed with the L2 mailing in advance of the meetings. Arnold Winkler
(, Chair of L2, is the contact person for this.

If you cannot meet the November 2 mailing deadline, please have your
proposal finalized no later than Monday, NOVEMBER 16 (two weeks in
advance of the meetings). Please post its location, and cc Arnold
and me on the announcement.

To facilitate discussion, please make it clear in the proposal which
proposed characters are contentious, and which are generally agreed upon.

I will hold a slot on the agenda in the expectation of a proposal.

-- Joan Aliprand
   Chair, Unicode Technical Committee
   Vice-Chair, NCITS/L2


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