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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Nov 01 1998 - 06:17:52 EST

Ar 00:42 -0800 1998-11-01, scríobh Doug Ewell:

>Sorry, I guess my use of the word "excluding" was somehow misleading.
>I did not mean to appear to be supporting addition of the hex bytes
>into Unicode. I meant to say that, IF the hex bytes were removed
>>from the proposal, we would be left with a single 256-character block
>(which is not even fully populated) and that I wouldn't have guessed
>that its addition would have caused so much controversy.

>I should also point out for the benefit of Michael, Rick, and others
>that I nearly used the phrase "limited usefulness" instead of
>"debatable usefulness," and in retrospect should have. I meant
>"debatable" from the perspective of individual users, but "limited"
>from the perspective of the committees.

Any character the users aren't sure they want should not be proposed to the

>All character sets have at
>least one character that SOMEBODY might think is not necessary, as
>evidenced by the case of the gentleman who wanted to replace the
>supposedly useless vertical bar in ASCII with the Euro symbol.

>>>Shhhhh!<<< One oughtn't want say this too loudly. Best not encourage
>>>people to think of such things. (In ASCII one writes "EUR " or "E" if
>>>one cannot otherwise represent the EURO SIGN.)

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