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From: Paul Keinanen (
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 15:05:41 EST

At 07:57 2.11.1998 -0800, Trond Trosterud wrote:
>>> Herbert Elbrecht <> wrote:
>>> > I understand, that UTF-8 is Unicode TRANSFER Format only -
>>> > no way to enter what's not covered by Apple Language Kits -
>>> Yes, that is correct.
>>> That is the way Apple specified its development standards !
>>> jean michel/ctm qa
>>Just another Golden Cage for MacUsers!
>>Who's to Think Different?
>>I really wonder!
>>Herbert Elbrecht
>Actually, Windows 9x fares no better, if we are to believe their developers
>(Nadine Kano: "Yes, Virginia, Windows 95 Does Do Unicode", in Microsoft
>Developer network News July/August 1995). In order to access a UCS
>character, the conversion routine must have some (8-bit) one-byte codetable
>(she mentiones cp 1250, 1252) to convert it to (one/multibyte in the case
>of CJK; she mentions Shift-JIS, cp 932), and any BMP character not in any
>of these code tables (for any of the commercially interesting languages,
>that is) is hopelessly Outside. Think The Same Way, in brief. Latin
>Extended A, B, C, Cyrillic Extended A, B, is still inaccessible. I still
>haven´t seen evidence that proves her wrong (claims, though).

It seems that you have misanderstood the article. While in the "Translation
needed" chapter it clearly states that the arguments for most APIs must be 8
bit character strings (this, however, refers to file names, event, process
or semaphore names etc.), the chapter continues with a statement in
parenthesis: (The only wide character APIs that handle Unicode on Windows 95
are TextOutW, ExtTextOutW, GetCharWidthW, GetTextExtentW and

In my opinnion, these functions listed should be more than sufficient to
implement simple Unicode browser output functionality, if Unicode fonts are
installed, without any need for twidling with code pages.

While reading the API definitions, I noticed that apparently the last two
APIs in the list are obsolete and should be replaced with
GetTextExtentPoint32W. All of the functions in the list are available for
both Win95 and NT and I did not find any character set limitations in the
API definitions.

Paul Keinänen

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