Re: EBCDIC Encoding question

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Tue Nov 03 1998 - 05:15:30 EST

On 1998-11-02T15:09, I had written:
> [CECP 500] was meant to become "the" international CECP, but this attempt
> has failed; meanwhile, CECP 1046 is the agreed standard

On 1998-11-02T08:22, Doug Ewell has written:
> Otto, is this a typo for 1047, or is there really a new CECP 1046
> that has replaced 1047?

This was a typo; I meant to write 1047. As I had said in my introductory
statement, I am a "former EBCDIC user"; hence I cannot report on any new
developments in the EBCDIC arena.

CECP 1047 was officially defined in late 1991 (or early 1992, I do not
quite remember), though it had then been effectively in use for years,
or even decades.

On 1998-11-02T15:09, I had written:
> - MS-Windows abuses the term "ANSI" for its proprietary 8-bit code,
> CP 1252
> <>
> Windows code for Latin-1 countries (the "ANSI" misnomer)

On 1998-11-02T08:22, Doug Ewell has written:
> This is definitely a typo.

Evidently. The correct URL is

Thanks to Doug for spotting these typos, so Daniel Oppenheimer will have a
correct answer.

Best wishes,
   Otto Stolz

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