Re: Devanagari

From: Thomas Mack (
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 04:11:26 EST

>Where did Thomas Mack see the Devanagari codes? Maybe via the on-line charts?
Ok, ok - I knew that these characters are there and I thought, they are
unuseable as long as I can't find the ligatures ("the fonts"). I
ordered the book some time ago just to understand more fully how
everything is meant, but it has not yet arrived.

>I think an increasing number of people are looking at the charts on-line and
>thinking that all details of usage are covered. If you look at the
>introductory page to the online charts, at:
>you'll see the following disclaimer:
> "Don't assume that because you can see on the page Unicode's
> repertoire of characters for a given script that you fully
> understand the process by which those characters are used to
> represent languages written in that script."
>That ought to be in 24-point animated blinking type. Maybe someone could
>prevail upon the webmaster to make that sentence more visible on the page.

Reading THIS PARAGRAPH does not mean that I already understood "the
process". So I dared to ask...

Anyway thanks to all those having answered (does anybody know of
glyph files with devanagari ligatures?),

Thomas Mack
TU Braunschweig, Abt. Informationssysteme

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