Re: Devanagari

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 12:37:10 EST

>At 08:35 AM 11/4/98 -0800, Thomas Mack wrote:
>>Is it really this way that the devanagari compound letters are missing
>>here or did "I" miss something substantial? Do I have to define some
>>"characters in a user definable area"
>As explained in the other emails, for data storage you do not need user
>defined codes. But in the rendering process you do. At least I believe
>that's the only way when using Truetype fonts in one of the Windows
>operating systems.

On the Macintosh, you don't need user space characters to represent the
ligatures. AAT tables are added to the TrueType font which are
automatically invoked to generate whatever ligatures you need.

A fundamental assumption of the Unicode character-glyph model is that there
is a distinction made between the character space used in the backing store
and the glyph space used for rendering and a mapping process going between
them. There should be no requirement that every potential glyph in a script
correspond directly to a character.

John H. Jenkins

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