Re: Displaying Plane 1 characters (annotating the code table

From: Hart, Edwin F. (
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 11:35:50 EST

Thanks to Markus Scherer for the clarification about processing Unicode data
as 10646 UCS-4 code positions. I had not read that part.

I have 2 concerns and they are related to consistency between 10646 and
Unicode; namely, having the 10646 and Unicode code tables be consistent and
not leaving UCS-4 out of Unicode.

I think that the code tables that document the next edition of ISO/IEC
10646-1 and Unicode 3.0 should look the same. Asmus Freytag had volunteered
to produce the code tables for the next edition of ISO/IEC 10646 (and
Unicode). With reference to my previous message about the format of the
code tables for planes 01 to 10 including both the UCS-4 and UTF-16
surrogate notation, it would be easier for the readers (and Asmus) if the
Unicode and 10646 tables looked the same. Please interpret the word
"easier" as avoiding user confusion if the format of the code tables were
different in the 2 standards. (In human engineering, we would call this a
"trap" for the user.) Since 10646-1 recognizes the UCS-4 form, and I assume
that WG 2 will want to annotate its code tables for planes 01 to 10 with at
least the UCS-4 form, I think that the UCS-4 form must be represented in the
Unicode code tables as well.

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