Re: Displaying Plane 1 characters (annotating the code table

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 13:20:10 EST

>I think that the code tables that document the next edition of ISO/IEC
>10646-1 and Unicode 3.0 should look the same. Asmus Freytag had volunteered
>to produce the code tables for the next edition of ISO/IEC 10646 (and
>Unicode). With reference to my previous message about the format of the
>code tables for planes 01 to 10 including both the UCS-4 and UTF-16
>surrogate notation, it would be easier for the readers (and Asmus) if the
>Unicode and 10646 tables looked the same.

Yes, but there aren't going to be any non-BMP characters in either Unicode
3.0 or the next edition of 10646 (unless I've missed something, which isn't

John H. Jenkins

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