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Date: Wed Nov 11 1998 - 19:59:01 EST

It was an attempt to distinguish whether you could enter and display
Unicode characters from the monitor or terminal, as opposed to only
having system services that support Unicode internally (e.g. just for
conversions) but could not be used for a true Unicode-all-the-way

Obviously to do development, you really need to know about each system
service, and each system utility, and whether they support Unicode and/or
what constraints they put on using it. This table cannot meet that need.
But it was a starting point for knowing which systems to consider, if you
required or desired Unicode for you application.

To answer your question more specifically, if Mac OS allows you to enter
and display Unicode characters, (by whatever input method) then it gets a
yes for UI. If you can send Unicode characters thru API services, then it
gets a yes for API.

I hope that helps, it was a fuzzy question, because the vendors were
being fuzzy in their statements about whether they "fully" supported
Unicode. (In my opinion.)


On Nov 11, 1:37pm, David Goldsmith wrote:
> Subject: Re: OS 99
> Hi,
> If someone would be kind enough to define what "UI" and "API" mean in
> chart, I could provide information for Mac OS.
> Thanks,
> David Goldsmith
> Architect, International & Text Group
> Apple Computer, Inc.
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