Uighur - dotless YA

From: Michael Forgey (forgey@bigfoot.com)
Date: Thu Feb 04 1999 - 14:38:47 EST

This concerns writing Uighur with Arabic script. From sources I've checked
and comments from Uighur speaking people, it seems that Uighur must include
a completely dotless YA for the "i" vowel; no dots with the isolate,
initial, medial, or final forms. The Farsi "dotless" YA U+06CC has dots
with the initial and medial forms of course.

Is there a character presently in Unicode that can support this Uighur
dotless YA?

At the top of page 7-488 in the Unicode 2.0 manual there are included the
"ligatures" of YEH WITH HAMZA ABOVE and the Uighur YA in question;
U+FBF9-FB. The information there seems to indicate that ALEF MAKSURA should
be used for the Uighur dotless YA, but ALEF MAKSURA does not connect on the
left; so I don't think it could be used, can it?

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