Multi language in the same database

From: Liew ChoonLeng-C22570 (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 19:53:39 EST

I hope I have posted the right question here.

I am figuring out on how to manage a multi-language row data in the same
table of the same database. That is, assuming we are using Unicode UTF-8 for

Say we have a column of Gender which can contain the agenda of a customer in
different language base (catering for regional needs) for eg.

Now, if we need to do a sorting of the column, how do we do it in web front
end using Java or ASP? In using oracle client application, we can set the
parameter but according to what format?

What about variable storage formating nature of UTF-8? How do we handle

Isn't it cleaner to have separate tables for UTF-8 format but can use the
same table for UTF-16/UCS-2 for fixed width format?

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