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From: John Yunker (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 09:22:53 EST

At 02:26 AM 3/20/00 -0800, Aaron Delwiche wrote:
>1. Has anyone on this list encountered similar problems when developing
>multilingual websites?

The greater issue you need to consider is if you WANT to create a
Unicode-encoded web site. To view it, a browser will need to
Unicode-compliant font. For China and countries where your "typical" user
may not be using the latest browser, you may be wise to stick with a native
encoding. At least for now. I can also send you an article about creating
web sites with Unicode; written by a friend of ours in Australia. Just let
me know...

>2. Can anyone point me to reliable software that will make it possible to
>create multilingual graphics with applications such as Adobe Photoshop or
>Macromedia Fireworks?
>3. Does anyone know of useful on-line articles that provide a detailed
>explanation of the differences between Unicode and the native character

Go to

>4. What happens to native code text when it is copied and pasted to the
>clipboard under Windows 2000? Does it preserve the native code format?

Windows 2000 is Unicode based. This should support your encoding. But it
can be tricky. has some useful articles on dealing
with Windows notepad and Unicode.

>5. What is the time-frame on the death of ASCII? One year? Two years? Five

Both HTML 4.0 and XML advocate using Unicode, but keep in mind that many
major companies will only use Unicode as a backend encoding and serve the
HTML pages in the native encoding. Until most of the world is using the
latest browsers with Unocode-compliant fonts, encodongs like ASCII/ANSI
will serve a useful purpose.

By the way, we're going to be dealing with these issues in a new site we're
launching called -- Let me know if you'd
like to be added to the list.
Hope this helps...

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