Re: Unicode Mongolian

From: Timothy Partridge (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 14:18:26 EST

In message <> you recently said:

> When mixed with horizontal LTR text, Mongolian can be written either LTR or
> RTL. Both practices occur. Historically, RTL would be more accurate
> (Mongolian being a descendent of Aramaic script), but LTR is more
> convenient.

I hope this isn't a silly question. When written LTR do the letters with
"pointy bits" have the points going up or down? (I would expect them to
go up in RTL.)

The reason I ask is that if Mongolian letters are written upside down (points
down) and LTR and mixed with LTR text then when the page is rotated 90 degrees
clockwise the appearance is correct for vertically written text. (Apart from
the lines going in Chinese rather than Mongolian order.)


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