Re: 70s and 80s home computer characters

From: Tony Harminc (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 15:00:59 EST

On 24 Mar 00, at 10:30, Frank da Cruz wrote:

> Here is the actual status, from the December 1998 UTC meeting:

> 2. Document L2/98-354, "Terminal Graphics for Unicode"
> Status: deferred for additional information
> The UTC has requested more information before it makes a decision.
> Table 5.1, range of E080 to E087. The UTC has requested an
> official position from IBM and feedback from SHARE on the glyphs
> used in the status area of a 3270 display.

It would be unfortunate if the whole thing was held up over the issue
of 3270 status-area characters. I'm probably the person who raised
these characters when this topic was being discussed hot & heavy on
this list a year or two ago, and I'm sure at that time I made it
clear that these were glyphs but probably not characters, in that
they were not producable by anything the driving program could place
in the data stream. They are a convenience only for emulator
programs, but even in the days of real 3270s, various manufacturers
used different glyphs and even plain text for the same purposes.

Tony H.

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