Re: Localized software testing vendors

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 14:09:08 EST

Dear Unicode subscribers --

Suzanne Topping recently wrote:

> I am trying to gather opinions and comments about the
> satisfaction level that people have with various companies

Opinions are as fine a thing to gather as rosebuds in
May, and I hope she succeeds in her quest for this
mild form of enlightenment. But I sincerely hope that
none of YOU darlings will answer her on this mail list.

It seems at least mildly inappropriate, not to mention
in poor taste and a potential source of ill feelings
and confrontations among you all, to discuss levels of
satisfaction with people or companies who may be
subscribed to this list.

Please send ALL replies to such requests to Suzanne
personally, not to the mail list.

Cheery regards from your,
        -- Sarasvati

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