printing utf-8 web pages (Czech)

From: James Naughton (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 08:51:24 EST

I have a small puzzle about printing utf-8 web pages in Czech.

I've been experimenting recently with utf-8 and have a simple text page
in the Czech language here:

It seems to display correctly. Obviously however it is crucial for
increasing the general use of utf-8 that non-expert users should be able
to print such pages correctly.

I find that I can print the page correctly in my Unicode-enabled version
of Netscape 3.04 (though the word wrap is incorrect, as it is also on
screen) and also in Netscape 4.08 (with correct word wrap).

However, I have failed to print this page correctly from Internet
Explorer 5. You can paste the text into a Unicode version of Word, but
this should not really be necessary, should it? You can also save the
page in another encoding, e.g. Windows-1250, and then print it, but that
isn't the point. After all, I might want to have a mixture of Central
Baltic, Cyrillic and Polytonic Greek characters in there.

Am I being stupid and missing something? I am no expert on Unicode, and
I suppose it is conceivable that my particular configuration could be to
blame. I still have Win95, but someone with Win98 has had the same

Can anyone print this page correctly direct from IE?? Is there a simple
explanation of why Netscape does it and IE does not?

Jim Naughton

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