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Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 09:16:20 EST

One other thing about that font utility is that it doesn't seem to work for any
of the Asian typefaces, such as MS-Mincho. Does someone perhaps know if there is
a localized version of that program, or another one that can give similar
information for Asian fonts?

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2000/03/30 08:43:16

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Related to the Microsoft font utilities that people have suggested over the
last few days, is there anything which lists the glyphs included in font

This comes from a question Joon posed recently. His exact question (off
list) was: "...I am trying to figure out how many and which Unicode
characters do not have a glyph on a Standard Unicode TrueType font."
Pronunciation symbols seemed to be a particular problem.

This is a harder task, obviously, but who knows? Maybe there IS something
out there that someone knows about...


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> Go to the Microsoft page on Typography at
> Then select the free "font properties extension" utility, which gives you
> the information by Unicode ranges. However, the information is in a
> rather than a report.
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> Are there any utilities, either freeware, shareware, or otherwise, which
> will examine a given font and produce a report of which languages are
> supported?
> Gary

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