RE: ASCII 1.1 released

Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 11:17:12 EDT

> Plans for an extended version of ASCII, called "USCII", have now been
> placed on hold. Technical Director M. Cimarosti explain "Who cares?
> How would we get people to adopt bigger characters than 7 bits?
> It ain't gonna happen."

I don't remember anything about this "USCII" thing. However, I am totally
justified for two good reasons:

        1) ASCII Conferences are always held in pubs. (Should we change
this? What about 5-star hotels?)

        2) in Italian it means "I WAS OUT", and this demonstrate that the
ASCII Central Committee voted this heresy while I was at the gents.

Actually, ASCII 1.1 needs no extensions whatsoever, as it has proven to be
perfectly suited to write not only English but also any other language in
the world. A practical and brilliant demonstration of this can be found in an *ASCII* plain text
file that contains names of letters in virtually any language in the world.

M. Cimarosti

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